The PATH to peace, awareness, transformation, and health

The PATH was founded to assist people and organizations in navigating the changes and challenges they face on their journey with greater ease and flow.

We offer an integrated holistic approach to helping you find and make progress along your path to greater health, happiness, and wholeness.

We invite you to schedule a private session or check out our course offerings to experience having more balance, harmony, and satisfaction in your life while fulfilling more of your purpose and potential.

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How to Work With Us

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ThePATH offers workshops for individuals wanting to enhance their lives, practitioners seeking to deepen their practice, and leaders looking to refine their leadership skills


Private and Semi-Private Sessions are available to address your customized needs.

About Joyce Thom

As a former senior executive at leading technology companies, Joyce understands the impact that high-pressure environments have on our well-being and our effectiveness. She specializes in helping people learn to be happy, healthy, and whole while also making a positive difference in the world.

Her offerings invite people to develop more balance, flow, and satisfaction in their lives while fulfilling more of their purpose and potential.

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