About Joyce Thom

Joyce is passionate about sharing ways to integrate embodiment practices, energy awareness, meta-consciousness, and spirituality into all aspects of our lives.

In her workshops online and around the world, she brings together 35+ years of experience in ancient wisdom traditions, her extensive training in the healing arts, and her background in the corporate world.

As a former senior executive at leading technology companies, Joyce understands the impact that high-pressure environments have on our well-being and our effectiveness. She specializes in helping people learn to be happy, healthy, and whole while also making a positive difference in the world. Her offerings invite people to develop more balance, flow, and satisfaction in their lives while fulfilling more of their purpose and potential.

Her PATH as a Leader, Teacher, and Practitioner

An Unconventional Career Path

Joyce founded ThePATH in 2002 to assist people in navigating the major changes and challenges they encounter along their life path. Prior to opening ThePATH, Joyce did the same thing for corporations as a senior executive in general management, strategy, product management, and marketing at leading companies such as eBay, Intuit, Monitor, and SRI International. In the 1990s, she co-founded and was CEO of a technology infrastructure company in Silicon Valley. From 2006 to early 2009, she was Chancellor of an educational institution devoted to the evolution of consciousness. More recently, Joyce was a Lead Facilitator and Program Developer for Stanford’s Red Barn Leadership Program where she helped executives increase their influence while balancing their lives.

Joyce’s academic background and professional training include a B.A. from Yale, an M.P.A. from Princeton, and over 6,000 hours of formal practitioner and teacher training in consciousness studies, embodiment, emotional intelligence coaching, counseling, energy work, qigong, yoga, and the healing arts.

The Classical Way

Joyce stepped onto her path when she began studying meditation, acupressure points, and Qi cultivation as a student of martial arts in 1979. She started to focus on the healing aspects of these ancient Eastern practices in 1986 through the study and practice of acupressure, medical qigong, and energy work. Joyce is a Medical QiGong Therapist with a Masters in Medical QiGong (MMQ) from the International Institute of Medical QiGong. She also received advanced certification in Traditional Asian Therapies, apprenticed with master healer/teachers, and was on the faculty of the Acupressure Institute for 9 years.

Her deep interest in the transformative capacity of the Nei Gong process led her to become a certified QiGong instructor for Lotus Nei Gong, Damo Mitchell’s school of internal arts. At Damo’s request, she co-founded Lotus Nei Gong’s San Francisco Bay Area branch. She also studied and taught other Nei Gong systems for several years prior to her work with Lotus Nei Gong. Joyce is grateful for the opportunity to have studied with the renowned qigong master Simu Ou Yang Min for several years and has benefited greatly from practicing TaiChi at the Acupressure Institute, TaiChi Berkeley, and Lotus Nei Gong for many years.

Joyce’s background with yoga as a healing modality includes working intensively with Sherry Han starting in 1998, completing in the Integrative Yoga Therapy intensive Therapeutic Teacher Training program, and receiving certification as an Acu-Yoga teacher from the Acupressure Institute. She offers workshops internationally and is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT).

The Modern Approach

The exquisitely subtle yet powerful aspects of Visionary Craniosacral Work led Joyce to become a practitioner and then a teacher of this art. She has been an instructor with the Milne Institute since 2007 and teaches independent seminars on Cranial Flow Basics, Cranial Self-Care, and The Brain. She has also studied Cranio Sacral Therapy and Bio-Dynamic Cranial Touch with the Heartwood, Upledger, and Dynamic Stillness Institutes. In 2014, she co-authored Craniosacral Chi Kung which brings together the healing practices of Craniosacral Work and Qi Gong.

An integrated holistic approach to health involves looking at all levels of a person’s life. It also necessitates having a deep and diverse toolkit. In addition to the above systems, Joyce is trained in systems that emphasize embodiment, emotional intelligence, and psycho-spiritual development such as Hakomi, Learning in Action, the Myers-Briggs system, and Awakening Your Light Body. Additionally, she is fully certified in all aspects of the Realization Process including meditation, embodiment, and spiritual psychotherapy.

Her Current Journey

Joyce enjoys ongoing growth and is committed to sharing the insights, skills, and learning she gains along her path with others through the sessions, consultations, and seminars that she offers.

“I love how Joyce is able to simplify the most complex subjects and distill them into easy-to-understand bite-sized pieces and then provide practical applications for daily life. The results are immediate and the benefits ripple out over time.”

Allison H.


“The blend of Joyce’s knowledge and intuition guides me to a profound state of well-being and peace. Her broad range of skills enables her to provide exactly what I need on any given day. Afterwards, I always feel revitalized and renewed.

Linda I.

VP of Marketing