Conscious Creating In The Field Of Potential

During the last few months, many people have realized how strongly they can be affected by the energetics of the people and environments in which they live. Even while we are staying at home, we are unconsciously influenced by the group field created by our housemates, families, friends, colleagues, cities, & countries.  At the same time, we have the opportunity to influence the shared group fields in which we participate through our intentions and the qualities we hold in our awareness.

Conscious Creating in the Field of Potential  is a 5-part series exploring what it is like to play, work, rest and be immersed in a co-creative group field. We will set up the field together and then you will have time to use that field to do whatever you choose.  At end of our time together we will release the group field and take a moment to notice how the field affects our creativity, productivity, and vitality.

Each session we will attune to the qualities of one of the 5 Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water ) and see how that element influences our experience. We will use the generative cycle of these elements to facilitate increased flow and transformation. Attending multiple days will allow you to contrast the qualities of the different elements.

The class is designed to enable you to tap quickly into the field of potential, experience what it is like to be connected to the field while doing something else (without being locked to a computer screen), refresh the connection when desired, and share your experiences with the community at the end.

The format will be:

Examples of activities for conscious creation in the field:


Many people find benefit in working together with a facilitator during this journey. If you would like to work individually or with a group on shifting your stories, please email