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Live Courses

Live classes are opportunities to deepen into the material from the Internal Arts Academy, receive feedback and refinement, and learn aspects of the art that are best communicated live.

Pillars of Nei Gong

In this three-day intensive, we’ll focus on giving you the tools and understanding to move your practice forward with the essential pillars of Nei Gong practice.

Lotus Nei Gong: Nei Gong Foundations

The curriculum takes students through the exercises and practices necessary to develop the skills required for progression in the internal arts.

Structured Nei Gong Program.

The most important part of one’s practice is the quality of their foundation.

Recorded Online Workshops

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From Story to Significance: Transforming Stories & Experiences into Pathways to Purpose

This course offers a pathway to transform outdated energy-draining stories into ones that more truly reflect who you are and support your goals.

Tapping Into Resource: Navigating Tough Challenges in Uncertain Times ... Together

This series is designed to help you tap into the resources you need to handle the difficult issues you are facing with greater ease and resilience.

Conscious Creating in the Field of Potential

This class is designed to enable you to tapi quickly into the field of potential, experience what it is like to be connected to the field while doing something else.

Private or semi-private tuition is also available for select classes in-person, by phone, or online (via, Skype, or FaceTime). Please email us for more information.

“Joyce has a unique ability to draw on many different skills to create a session that’s truly individual and effective, and she does so with creativity, caring, and intelligence. The effects are lasting and powerful, and I am grateful for her work.”

Allison H.


“Nothing would work progressively on my chronic pains until I found Joyce. Her East-West approach to health and healing is just what I needed. My quest for finding the support I needed to identify and overcome by blockages and bring forth my innate capacity for self-healing has been answered.”

Uwe B.


Frequently-Asked Questions

Relax and enjoy! Make yourself comfortable. Feel free to give feedback, and ask for what you need. Sensations of warmth/coolness or tingling/numbness are common as your body relaxes, releases tension, and your energy becomes more balanced.

Please provide 72 hours’ notice for cancellation or rescheduling. Full payment is required for missed appointments or cancellations received with less than 72 hours’ notice.

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Wise, credit card, check and cash.

 Cancellations 14 days or more before the course begins will receive a full refund less $50 administration fee. Cancellations less than 14 days before the start of the course will receive a credit for future courses.